Q: How often do I have to click my panel?
A: You must click your panel every two days or it will delete itself.

Q: Do panels have an expiration?
 A: Panels will automatically expire after 14 days from the registration date.

Q: My panel is gone and I am not sure what happened to it?
A:  It is possible that your panel expired or was not clicked or used as noted in the instructions.

Q:  How do I adopt?
A: The application initial steps allow you to have your ad visible immediately, no administrative delays. Please follow the following steps:

- Grab the application form from our dispensers, and fill it in. Use a CHILD one if you are a child, or a PARENT one if you are a parent

See Application Instructions for further details

Q: My panel says picture needed when I've already dropped a picture?
 A: Sim lag can cause the panels to malfunction. In regards to kid panels, the kid must click on the malfunctioning panel and resign it and create a new panel on a different panel. In regards to parent panels, parents must send a notecard to Maddison Dagostino with the transaction history for the panel purchase within 24 hours for a refund. After sending a notecard the parent must resign the malfunctioning panel and create a new panel on a different panel.

Q: How long does a trial period last?
A: Trials last from 0 to a maximum of 6 days. Each client can stop the trial at any time, by letting Maddison Dagostino or Kalle Harmison know and we will reset your panel

Q: How do I know if my adoption is complete?
A: On day 7, if the adoption trial has not being stopped by the parent or the kid, we would consider that adoption to be final and complete.The parent /child should resign their panels and then apply for an adoption certificate located in the panel room.

Q:  How do I adopt more than one child?
A:  Each panel gives you the right to do ONE adoption. We give you 5 chances in the 14 days  to try so you can find the best match. Parents, please don't use this feature to adopt 2 or 3 kids with one panel. Any parent or kid detected doing this will be banned from agency land with no refunds. You must resign your first panel after first adoption is complete and create a new panel.

Q: How do I stop the new kid/parent announcements?
A: While having panels at MAWCT you will receive notices regarding new adopters who have signed up. This is unavoidable and cannot be stopped unless you resign your panel. If this is causing your email to fill up it is best to mark it as spam using your email browser.

Q: How do I know who liked my panel?
A: You can access this information by pressing your panel and selecting likes or you can view you likes in your email box.

Q: My panel is not showing that I am on trial, is it broken?

A: Your panel only allows for a certain amount of likes to another panel. Excessive amounts of likes will cause the panel to freeze and it will not reflect a trial. You then must contact a counselor on our page and we will have the panel reflect the trial.

Q: I would like a refund?

A:  All sales are final when purchasing panels. The only time refunds are issued would be in the case of a panel malfunction. Please be sure you are ready to make an everlasting family before you buy a panel.

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