Welcome to :
Making Adoptions Wishes Come True Family Owned and Operated  By Kalle and Maddison Harmison
MAW was established in May of '07

Maw Is in no way what so ever Affilated with the foundation Make A Wish -

MAWCT  is a G rated agency. This means the following will not be tolerated:

1.) Sexual speech, threats, propositioning, sexual innuendo, or nudity.

2.) Sexual age play is completely forbidden and will be promptly reported.

 2a.)  Making adoption wishes staff - Maw Children - Maw Parents - Or Visitors of MAWCT - Does not ROLE PLAY IN THE VAMPIRE /LYCAN - Biting or Killing- We are not disrespecting your lifestyle in SL™, However Any such actions with Biting or Killing will be an immediate ejection from our sim -

3.) No harassment, stalking, griefing, or hostile behavior towards anyone here. This includes cussing or use of foul language. All such behavior will be treated with instant ejection and banning from the premises.

4.) No use of scripts to push, eject, spam, or otherwise disrupt the warm environment here.

5.) Any avatar found to be under the age of 18 in real life will be promptly reported, to all other adoption agencies, ban-link, adoption support groups, and will be banned permanently from the premises.

6.) Weapons are not allowed to be worn or used on our premises.

7.) No panhandling, begging, scamming, or manipulative behavior to obtain money will be tolerated.

8.) No gambling in any form is allowed.

9.) You will be ejected or banned for any attempt to arrange an adoption without the use of our  panel systems.

10.) Advertising or soliciting to others on our property in chat, IM, note card, by group invitation or the like is a ban-able offense.

11.) This property is multi cultural. This means respect for the differences of others is respected and admired. Language or behavior that exhibits intolerance of others will not be tolerated.

12.) Any behavior, action, word, object, that disrupts the comfort of others on our property is not tolerated. The management reserves the right to issue warning, take action by ejecting or banning, place an offender of our rules on suspension or temporary ban as needed and with out warning or question.

The child avatars who come here  certify by their participation in our agency that they are over the age of 17 in real life and behind the keyboard. These  individuals have come to role play a child, to possibly have the family life they never had in real life or to re-experience the childhood they have long outgrown. Please show respect to them for their devoted choice to offer a special experience to those of us in Second Life who want to have a family experience here. Second Life is about experience, and our agency aims to provide a medium whereby parents and children can find each other. Keep in mind when you participate here, that there are real people behind these avies with very real feelings.

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